Time of need

Anytime in a zombie outbreak


Canned goods,medicine,ammo

Places Commonly Found

Anywhere/or already equipped



Bullets are very important.

Ammunition are one of the most important items in case of a zombie outbreak,because you have to reload your guns.Ammo is usually seen in Gun Shops and dead police officers,but be careful in taking it from them as they could only be playing dead,or might reanimate right before your eyes.

Ammunition can be found in boxes with labels that indicate on which guns it can/should be used.Taking out a zombie without using the most basic method (severing/blasting their heads) can take up to several bullets.Or in other words,you'll just waste bullets in using it against one or two zombies without hitting their head.

First Aid Edit


A first aid kit.

First Aid is also one of the most important items in zombie survival,because you will have to cure wounds,sickness,etc.First aid kits are commonly found in certain buildings like Hospitals (could be overrun already),Clinics,Dentists' office (only filled with one or two zombies).


First Aid kits have several contents:

  • Gauze (perfect for patching big cuts and wounds)
  • Band Aid (for minimal wounds and small cuts)
  • Alcohol (perfect for cleaning up wounds and can prevent infection but not zombie infection)
  • Medicine (some First Aid kits carry medicines)
  • Drinks (Health drinks or something)

Improvisable itemsEdit

Certain items can be improvised to be used as medicine such as:

  • Any alcohol (like beer,vodka,etc. but this can be used as a molotov cocktail which is a powerful explosive)

There are many items that can be converted into medical items,but these items can sometimes be converted into weapons.So it's better if you divide items that will be used for medicine and for weapons.

Canned GoodsEdit


Canned Goods

Of course you need food in order to eat and not die of starvation.Without food,you will die,the easiest fodd to prepare in the middle of a zombie apocalypse are canned goods (who would make an effort in preparing "hard-to-make" food in the middle of an apocalypse and you're going to die already?).The perfect canned goods to be gathered are "Ready-to-eat" or "No-cook" food.

Some people will carry biscuits and "ready to cook" meals instead of making haste in preparing food.People can scavenge canned goods in groceries and supermarkets (see info box)

Types of food :Edit

  • Pasta
  • soup (ready-to-eat)
  • bread
  • fruits
  • fresh vegetables


Of course water is also needed.People can dehydrate without it.

  • Water
  • juice