Melee weaponEdit

  • A metal bar
  • sturdy wood (not very useful and won't cause lasting damage,

but it's better than nothing)

  • a table leg
  • hachet
  • Baseball bat
    Knife 1

    A very sharp knife

  • Knife (use when only running out of ammo against one zombie)
  • sword (very powerful,but very hard to find)
  • shrapnel
  • chainsaw
  • any sharp edged objects
  • crowbar

Firearms,the most needed weaponEdit

Firearms are good zombie weapons,they are very powerful,but there is a big "side-effect" you can get,and this side effect is attracting zombies to the noise you made when popping off rounds.Some weapons like the Handgun and Sub machinegun can be equipped with a supressor,which muffles the shots and makes the guns shoot quieter.But it also makes guns weaker.

Good firearms incude:

  • Handgun (use as last resort or when only dealing with one or two enemies.make sure you carry an extra mag)
  • Revolver (good for doing "critical shots")
  • Shotgun (good for taking on a large group of enemies but makes loud noise that attracts more zombies)
  • Machine gun (a rapid-firing gun,good for fast enemies or dealing with a group of enemies)
  • Rifle (a long ranged weapon,good for dealing with enemies from afar)
  • Rocket Launcher (can one-hit kill an enemy, but it's found around base camps which can be overrun by zombies)


Explosives are one of the useful,strong,but the noisiest weapon in your arsenal.It can take on many enemies at once.Here is a list of useful explosive that can be used:

  • Grenade (perfect when encountering a large mob of zombies)
  • Rocket launcher (also good for taking out a large mob or when defeating a large enemy)
  • Time bomb (this explosive is very useful but it takes time to be set up)

There are other things that can be improvised as explosives such as:

  • Oil barrels (commonly found in warehouses and garages)
  • Oil truck (can be found parked somewhere randomly)
  • Oxygen Tanks (found in hospitals)
  • Stoves ( the gas can be shot to explode)

The "improvisable" explosives mentioned above can be shot to make them explode.Grenades can be shot to make it explode quickly but it needs a "sharp eyesight".